Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation since 1993
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Aggregated Reports

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ARC Real Estate S.p.A. focuses on a selected number of activities of high professional level in the Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation segments.

Combining the competences attained in the processing and distribution of information used for business decisions...


Aggregated Reports
Report aggregatiWith the aim of analysing the economic and financial profiles of companies and individuals, gathering all the relevant information can result in a long, expensive endeavour, seeing as the information are spread across different databases.

ARC Real Estate provides all-inclusive prospectuses of the economic and financial status of any Italian entity, thus presenting in a single document all the information available on the different public sources: Chamber of Commerce, real estate Registries and listings and Courts.

The Aggregated Report is the ideal instrument to fully assess the structure and economic interests of a company and to promptly and efficiently evaluate new clients, suppliers and commercial partners. The advantages of using ARC aggregated reports are: the simplified consultation, thanks to the intuitive graphic layout, the opportunity to sift through the content and thoroughly analysing the information, the updating of the information at the time of the initial request, the chance to subsequently access in the designated sections the documents acquired online.

ARC Real Estate

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