Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation since 1993
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Why choose ARC

Why choose ARC

Lista perché scegliere ARC Because it processes all credit information and services internally.

Lista perché scegliere ARCBecause all services are delivered directly, without any third parties’ distribution activities.

Lista perché scegliere ARCBecause clients attain time and cost efficiencies.

Lista perché scegliere ARCBecause it continuously invests in new technologies and has experience in the development of complex Data Integration projects.

Lista perché scegliere ARCBecause development and integration projects are entirely completed in-house by our team of analysts and programmers.

Why choose ARC
Perché scegliere Arc real Estate

ARC Real Estate

ARC Real Estate S.p.A.
C/da Colle delle Api, 41/F – Industrial Area
86100 Campobasso (CB)
VAT Number 00845690700
Share Capital: € 822.223,00 (fully paid-up)
Economic Administrative Register of Campobasso n. 83112

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