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ARC Real Estate S.p.A. focuses on a selected number of activities of high professional level in the Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation segments.

Combining the competences attained in the processing and distribution of information used for business decisions...


AestimoARC Real Estate SPA’s organizational and process set-up harks back to European valuation standards. In particular, the Self-discipline and Process Code, adopted by ARC Real Estate, adheres to the following valuation standards: International Valuation Standards (IVS), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Tegova’s European Valuation Standards (EVS), Italian Banking Association’s Guidelines (compliant to IVS, RICS and EVS); and it is certified by ISO 9001, for processes, valuations, and real estate appraisals.

As far as appraisal management is concerned, ARC Real Estate uses a dedicated IT platform, called AEstimo, which allows to control every phase of the valuation process in a structured, centralized manner.

The structured processes and the use of AEstimo provide a high added value, essential to banks in view of the requirements, demanded by the n.285 and n.288 acts issued by the Bank of Italy, regarding the:

  1. application of international standards;
  2. competence and professionalism of the valuators;
  3. supervision of the organizational layout.
ARC Real Estate integrated these principles in its own Self-discipline Code, adopting a structured process for appraisals, based on the following norms:
  • first, the prearranged process of valuators’ selection, designed to verify their competence, experience, inclusion in professional registries that allow the execution of valuation activities, and their continuous development also through dedicated training sessions;
  • second, a centralized task management system, which assigns to valuators duties in their networks, in order to guarantee the independence from the lending processes, and assignments given in function of valuators’ specific competences and know-how, ensuring task rotation;
  • third, internal supervision of the entire valuation process. By managing every phase, ARC Real Estate becomes the only interlocutor for all the different parties involved, such as valuators, banks, mortgage applicants, and potential intermediaries, affirming itself as a highly-specialized player throughout the entire process.

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