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Meet our People

Meet our People

ARC Real Estate retains 30 people: 22 employed in different business functions, 2 trainees, and 6 founding members, who form the Board of Directors.

Management ARC Real Estate

The Management

Massimiliano De Castro - socio fondatore

Massimiliano De Castro

ARC Real Estate’s founder in 1993, today Mr. Massimiliano De Castro is CEO, President and Head of HR, Organization and Marketing.
In 2000, he was awarded a honorary degree in Business Administration from The Constantin University (Rhode Island, USA) and in 2011 a master in Business Administration from University of Milan. He has advanced knowledge of structured finance, credit information, real estate valuation and Non-Performing Loans (NPLs). He is member of A.N.C.I.C. and ASSOVIB.

Claudia Neri - socio fondatore

Claudia Neri

Ms.Claudia Neri, a Law graduate from University of Rome, joined ARC Real Estate in 1993 as shareholder and member of the Board of Directors.
She has a key role in the company as manager of the law department. She also participates in the commercial activities, is in charge of the training of the employees regarding the application of the Italian law to the valuation of assets, and is specialized in the application of the different real estate assets valuation methods used in Italy and in the Foreign countries.

Michele Pignataro - socio fondatore

Michele Pignataro

Mr. Michele Pignataro after having reached the scientific diploma and studied Law in Bari University, is a shareholder in the Board of Directors. In 1993 he joined ARC as founder and commercial director of the Company.
Currently Mr. Pignantaro is the manager in charge of commercial and marketing activities, relating to financial institutions. He deals confidently with major clients.

Armando Gianfagna - socio fondatore

Armando Gianfagna

After getting his high school diploma from ITC L. Pilla in Campobasso and having gained extensive experience in important notary offices, he joined ARC Real Estate in 1993 as a founding partner and expert in property and property listing.
Today, he is a shareholder, a board member and manager in charge of the legal services office, with more than 25 years of experience in real estate inspections during executive processes of enforced collection, related to bank loans secured by real estate assets, and in the management of single claims and secured NPL portfolios.

Alessandro Zocco - socio fondatore

Alessandro Zocco

Having obtained the professional diploma in ICT from ITIS Zuccante of Mestre, Mr. Alessandro Zocco is an expert software developer. A shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors, he is also a manager in the company, in charge of the Reasearch and Development department. In 1992 he joined ARC-System, developing new software and database for financial institutions. Since 2004, Mr. Zocco is the manager in charge of the Research & Development area for ARC Real Estate.

Silvia Anzellotti - socio fondatore

Silvia Anzellotti

In 2003 Ms. Silvia Anzellotti earned a Master degree cum laude in Economics at the University of Pescara and a Ph.D. in Economics and Financial Intermediaries in 2007.
In 2007 she joined ARC Real Estate as CFO, Chief Financial Officer. She carries out the following activities: listing and delisting processes into the AIM market, mergers and spin-offs processes, budgets and forecasts editing and financial statements drafting.

Costanza Palmisano - socio fondatore

Costanza Palmisano

In 1992 Ms. Costanza Palmisano graduated in Biology at the University of Bari and in 1993 she swiftly joined ARC Real Esatate. She is the manager in charge of the production area and an expert in processing official documents regarding real estate assets and in foreclosure procedures.

Mario Colella

Mario Colella

After getting his high school diploma from ITC L. Pilla in Campobasso, in 1998 Mr. Mario Colella joined the ARC’s technical team. Expert in hardware and systems, data processing, internal processes development and business information data integration systems, today he is in charge of the ICT department.

ARC Real Estate

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