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ARC, like A.N.C.I.C., universally evaluates the approval of the Code as a main goal for the Commercial Information sector, because it offers a framework of explicit rules for all operators and guarantees the security and certainty of commercial transactions in a framework of prevention from fraud and illegal practices, to protect consumers and interested parties.
New Team Member!

We are delighted to welcome in our team, Laisla De Almeida. Real Estate evaluator with a degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of of Brasil.

In a period that marks a step to female job opportunities, ARC chooses "the professional" and does so by looking at the strategies that have always inspired management. First of all, talent and, subsequently, equal opportunities for growth, inclusion, gender diversity.

Laisla represents all this within the REAL ESTATE department; right from the start she was able to put into practice her technical skills and the experiences gained abroad by actively participating in the field of real estate valuations.

Corso Aggiornamento Valutatori Immobiliari

On the 15th and 16th of December 2021 ARC gave the possibility to be part of a refresher course (in compliance with UNI 11558:2014) with the perspective of a formative learning for professionals that operate in the Real Estate field.
The course lasted 16 hours and took place online following the Covid-19 dispositions. The subject of the class was "The impact of PNRR actions on the Real Estate Wealth"

The topic aroused a great interest among the participats, because it can predict the repercussions of what will happen in the world of Real Estate Valuation. As a matter of fact it provided deep knowledges of PNRR, his procedures and ways to comprehend the impact of those factors on the real estate value.

The course ended with the hope of a future face to face training and with a richer net of professionals.

Thank you for your support!

ARC Real Esate Team.

First NPL Deal in 2021

First deal of the year in the NPL market for ARC Real Estate. On January 20th, ARC finalized the acquisition from Banca di Credito Cooperativo Basso Sebino of a NPL portfolio with a Gross Book Value (GBV) of € 3,2 million.

The new year has started with a big step forward in the Non Performing Loan market, in which ARC continues to consolidate its position. 2020 has, in fact, represented a great beginning and a turning point for these new activities, a truly pivotal year considering the emission of the minibond, occurred precisely to support the development of the new business.
"We are proud of our growth in the indusrty" has affirmed the CEO of ARC, Massimiliano De Castro, "In just over 12 months we acquired three different portfolios, increasing the asset under management, and we aim to constantly raise the volumes. The company's historic know-how has been essential fot the creation of the new processes and activities, and we are very satisfied with the previous operations' performance."

The future growth will be mainly sustained by the investment linked to the minibond, the offer period of which will end on March 28th. "The world is experiencing a peculiar time, which still offers many opportunities in the distressed credit market." has stated Mr. De Castro, "We will use the minibond, effective alternaitve to the traditional funding channels, to expedite the achievement of our growth objectives. We have considered the market as an anchor investor seeking out optimal returns, who would understand the asset class of NPLs."

Thanks for your constant support

The team of ARC Real Estate

New Purchase of NPL Portfolio

ARC Real Estate, global and independent info-provider, has successfully finalized the last operation of the year 2020 in the NPL industry by closing the deal with Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano to purchase a NPL portfolio (with mixed positions, secured and usecured) with a GBV of around € 6 mln.

The company continues to grow and reinforces its position as a professional partner able to present an end-to-end offer, playing the role of originator during the portfolios selection phase, advisor during the valuation one, and servicer for the debt collection process. The current delicate economic situation did not restrain ARC's work, which, as always, has demonstrated great resiliency and dynamism in facing different events.

In view of the financial crisis and the exponential growth of the NPL market, ARC's strategy turned out to be forward-looking, diversifying the services offered first in the collateral valuation industry, and then in the distressed credit one. The previous specialization in activities ancillary to the correct valuation of a NPL portfolio represents the true expertise of the company. The combination of legal and real estate know-how allowed ARC to establish itself as a one-stop shop, a reference point for small players in the market, with a comprehensive offer for all the necessary services to support our clients during the entire process.

Thanks for your constant support

The team of ARC Real Estate

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