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Second Training Course for Appraisers

From 3rd to 4th December 2020, appraisers of ARC Real Estate's network had the opportunity to take another course and the relative exam to maintain the certification of “Real Estate Appraiser” in accordance with the UNI 11558:2014 regulation. In particular, the valuers improved their knowledge of the Income Approach (defined in the UNI 11612:2015 regulation).

This year, the course was offered online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it consisted of 20 hours plus the final exam. The appointed teacher was prof. Stefano Biagiotti. All participants expressed positive thoughts about the experience and they all have brilliantly passed the exam, confirming the high professional level of the entire network.

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New Team Member!

With the aim of strengthening the Real Estate Valuation department, ARC is glad to announce that Giuseppina Rizzi, RICS member and arichtect with a 25-year experience, will be joining the Team.

Giuseppina Rizzi will operate as Head of Valuations - Large Market, overseeing corporate real estate appraisals. In the past, she was in charge of the Property Valuation office of Unicredit, supporting the Loan Department in relation to appraisal issues.
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Real Estate Appraiser Course

On the 23th and 24th of January 2020, accredited appraisers belonging to ARC’s network had the opportunity to take a refresher course, essential to obtain the necessary credits to maintain the “Real Estate Appraiser” certification in accordance with the UNI 11558:2014 regulation.

As with the event held last December, many of the appraisers had obtained the first certification during educational initiatives we organized in the past (link). As a matter of fact, we believe that giving these opportunities to our appraisers can only improve the relationship in the network and in the entire collaboration system.

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NPL Portfolio Acquisition

In a spirit of growth and diverisification, ARC Real Estate announces that on December 17th 2019 the deal with Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano regarding the acquisition of a NPL portfolio (GBV around €6 million) has been finalized.

thanks to the transfer to Milan, principal market for NPLs and UTPs, ARC Real Estate manages to seize the opportunities offered by the industry, making a big step forward in terms of strategic development. New specialized figures will guide this business unit, dedicated to receivable management and collection: Alessandro Grillo (CFO), Massimo Orto (Acquisition Analyst) and Roberta Maira (Loan Manager). This operation represtents an important investment for the company, whose consolidated knowledge will combine with new processes and new applications. As a matter of fact, this new project will require interdepartmental collaboration in every activity, collaboration which has always been a strength of the company. ARC set a challenging objective, which includes all the growth expections the company based its mission on.

“We are very satisfied of the closing of this deal," said the CEO Massimiliano de Castro, "It will definitely qualofy us as a global and independent player for small banks and financial institutions by having an end-to-end offer. This operation will convey ARC's potential as originator in the portfolio selection phase and as advisor in the valuation one. Our team will manage the servicing activities, allowing the legal and real estate resources to work synchronously to the colletion process.

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Corporate Christmas Dinner 2019

2019 has been a year of change and innovation for ARC Real Estate and, as every other year, the whole team has reunited in the city where the new HQ has been moved, Milan, to celebrate and toast to this eventful year.

With the wonderful view from the restaurant Ceresio 7, ARC's christmas dinner represented an occasion where the entire team could talk and enjoy a joyous night. During the evening, the CEO listed in his speech all the company's successes, the new strategies projects and objectives for the new year.

This event strengthened the personal relationships among eployees from different departments and cancelled the distance between the new HQ and the historical one in Campobasso.

With the occasion, the entire team of ARC Real Estate wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

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The team of ARC Real Estate

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