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Second Training Course for Appraisers

From 2nd to 4th December 2019, ARC Real Estate hosted another training course intended for real estate appraisers. Professionals from every part of nation belonging to the company’s network had the opportunity to take the course and the relative exam to obtain the certification of “Real Estate Appraiser” in accordance with the UNI 11558:2014 regulation.

Through these initiatives, ARC continuously demonstrates the attention put on the education and knowledge of its network, essential elements for the improvement of the quality of the services offered. It is also important to underline the great personal impact: these events, in fact, contribute to reduce the distance between appraiser and company, strengthening the mutual trust and improving communications and collaborations. All participants expressed positive thoughts about the experience, highlighting the effectiveness of the course and the interest to participate in other events.

In conclusion, the team is happy to announce that all participants have brilliantly passed the exam, confirming the high professional level of the entire network.

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The team of ARC Real Estate

Evento Formativo Valutatori Immobiliari

ARC Real Estate SpA, infoprovider and advisor in the Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation segments, with a view to reinforcing and developing its scope, has decided to relocate the company headquarters starting from March 4th, 2019 to Milan, a place which has established itself as a significant financial centre in both Italy and Europe. The IT and Research & Development departments will still be based in Campobasso.

The new headquarters will be situated in the heart of Milan, in via Olmetto 17, inside a distinguished, historical building, Palazzo Brivio Sforza, dating back to the XVI century and renovated during the 1900s. The choice of this edifice derives from the aspiration of securing a high-profile, professional atmosphere, reflection of the company values and culture.
Milan is a metropolis full of opportunities and intensely active in business. As a matter of fact, this city represents the point of reference in the Italian financial market and is a predominant centre also from an international perspective. Considering the constant evolution of ARC Real Estate, moving the HQ to Milan is proof of its adaptability to market dynamics and its successful reaction to the continuous innovation and changes of today’s business world. For these reasons and in view of future developments, the top management deemed relocating necessary.

The professionalism and the high quality of the services will not change. The Team of ARC Real Estate will welcome new specialists, who will keep ensuring a high-level offer during the transition phase and will contribute to the new company objectives on the future.

Lastly, we would also like to communicate that the company name, fiscal data and mail addresses will not be modified. All new details and contact numbers will be disclosed on the company official website, in the dedicated “Contact” section (link). We invite you to visit the website and update your databases. We are available to answer any question.

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The team of ARC Real Estate

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Evento Formativo Valutatori Immobiliari

This past week the company has reached a very important milestone: 25 years in business! We are very proud of this achievement and we would like to express our gratitude to all the people who contributed to ARC’s success throughout these years.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

The Team at ARC Real Estate

Training Course for Appraisers

Among the most important players in the Real Estate Valuation industry, ARC Real Estate hosted a training course and ensuing exam designed for the “Real Estate Appraiser” certification, pursuant to UNI 11558:2014, as required by applicable regulations. Many appraisers belonging to ARC’s network and coming from the entire Country took part in the event, which was taught by Stefano Biagiotti.

Since our mission is “offering first-rate services”, ARC carries out Real Estate Valuation activities using estimation and reporting models based on international best practices. The Self-discipline and Process Code adopted by the company is congruent with many valuation standards, among which the International Valuation Standards (IVS), and it is compliant to the aforementioned regulation UNI 11558:2014. Furthermore, ARC Real Estate integrates in its Code every requirement dictated by documents n.285/2013 and n.288/2015 issued by the Bank of Italy, choosing a structured management of the appraisal process, based on: i) a selection and training process of the appraisers, aimed at verifying their competences; ii) a centralized appointment management system, in order to guarantee independence from the lending process; iii) an internal control of the valuation process.

The ARC team is happy to announce that all participants have brilliantly passed the exam, getting high marks in the three tests done and fully demonstrating their knowledge and skills. Some of their feedback are listed below:

  • "It was a great experience and I tried to transmit as much as possible, finding eager people in the 20 participants, selected by the company and coming from different Italian regions, many of whom are already appraisers. This initiative by ARC is certainly very positive, since it shows the attention the company gives to the education and development of its human resources. The time spent in the classroom allowed an exchange of information, also dealing with the issues you can have in the field and the analysis of the new system, implemented by ARC following IVS, EVS, Real Estate Valuation Code by Tecnoborsa, and compliant to Italian Banking Association's Guidlines. I appreciated the welcoming attitude of the company and the moments of conviviality, as the meals we all shared together, during which we could get to know each other better. My main satisfaction came from the news that all participants had passed the exam."

    Stefano Biagiotti

  • "The constant training of the appraisers is very important for our company, but even more so for us directly performing the activities. Sharing this experience and having the chance to confront with each other about issues we deal with daily is fundamental. Furthermore, socializing makes the time more united and better performing."

Jacopo di Cristofaro

  • “I would like to thank ARC Real Estate for giving us the chance to obtain a Certification in Real Estate Valuation, for the growth and retraining of both the individuals and the team.”

Massimiliano Mambella

  • “As wells as being an important event, the course and the exam have been enjoyable from a person point of view, seeing as we could meet many team members of the company and the network. My feedback is entirely positive.”

Filippo Broccolo

  •  “The event was very interesting and well-organized. The speaker was prepared and practical, and the firm was friendly and welcoming. It was a fulfilling, professional, and educational experience.

Carolina Greco

  •  “It was a pleasant experience and I had the opportunity to meet you personally and share “Test Anxiety”.”

Antonio Oliviero


  • “An interesting training course, full of things to consider. The hospitality and helpfulness of the entire ARC team, from an organizational and human perspective, was excellent.”

 Daniela Di Santo


  • “The course was very interesting. Even though the time was limited, we were given the right directions to be successful and to perform appraisals as required. The company contributed beyond reproach to make this experience effective.”

Annarita Paolicelli

Thanks for your ongoing support
The Team at ARC Real Estate
Cena Aziendale di Natale

As every year, the team at ARC Real Estate convened for Christmas celebrations. On the evening of December 15th, the partners and the entire staff gathered to share a Christmas dinner and remember the excellent job done during this past year.

The event’s leitmotif was conviviality, the simple pleasure of being together and celebrate the goals achieved. Everyone seized the opportunity to have fun and intensify the team spirit and the sense of community, which have always been distinctive traits of ARC Real Estate. As a matter of fact, unity and interdepartmental collaboration are assets which have brought forward the growth and success of our company in time. During dinner, the CEO, Massimiliano De Castro, did not hesitate to express words of support and appreciation for the dedication and commitment shown by his team. The evening finished in the same festive manner with a toast to the past year and to the hope of an even better 2018.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year.

Thanks for your ongoing support
The Team at ARC Real Estate

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