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Chambers of Commerce Information

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ARC Real Estate S.p.A. focuses on a selected number of activities of high professional level in the Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation segments.

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Chambers of Commerce Information
Servizi CameraliThis database comprises all the information provided by Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Craft Trade and Agriculture and managed by Infocamere – Società Consortile di Informatica delle Camere di Commercio Italiane S.p.A. (Consortium for Italian Chambers of Commerce Information), of which ARC Real Estate is an offcial distributor.

Customers have the opportunity to consult information about more than 6 million of Italian companies in real time, regarding:

  • their structure
  • activities
  • localization
  • directors
  • financial statements

This database represents a simple, swift resource for business decision-making processes.

Thanks to the progress from undifferentiated, preconstituted documents to customizable one, it has been possible to promptly select homogenous blocks of information, diversified depending on the company’s juridical nature, in addition to the traditional reports.

Furthermore, the Complete Dossier on the selected company and access to digital documents, if present, are available (Corporate Bylaws, last financial statements, etc.).

Stucture of the offer:

  • prospectuses (title serches)
  • dossiers
  • blocks (among which financial statements and digital documents)
  • disputes

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