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We founded ARC Real Estate group with the aim of offering to our clients first-rate services related to Finance, Business Information and Real Estate Valuation. Our philosophy is giving easy answers to our customers’ complex problems. In order to achieve this goal, we created a dynamic, specialized, solid work environment, which can prosper together with our customers. We believe that the value of the information is more important than the value of the money. Indeed, we are positive that the value of money depends on the value of information. Our reputation and skills stand for our reliability and innovation is our forte.”

The founders


1993 - ARC’s foundation

The company is active in the Business Information, Debt Collection, Real Estate Valuation and Information Technology segments and its activities include gathering and processing real estate information, appraisals of real-estate assets’ market value, support in both extra-judicial and judicial debt collection, IT and consultancy activities.The company was created by the founding member Massimiliano De Castro with ARC di Venezia Group. Together, they developed a business model which relied on technological innovation to gather, process and distribute information in the real estate industry. They decided to replicate the Venetian model in Southern Italy: thus, ARC SUD S.r.l., precursor of ARC Real Estate, was founded.
In the following decade – the company grew rapidly and established itself in the Business Information market.

2008 - Revis S.p.A.

ARC Real Estate acquired 51% of the shares of Revis S.p.A. during its constitution stage, a company active in the development of a software able to calculate the market value of real estate assets via an automated estimation process and proceed with a swift verification of ownership.

2011 - from LTD to PLC

ARC Real Estate changed its business entity from Ltd. (private company limited by shares) to Plc (public limited company).

2012 - MAC

ARC Real Estate was listed on the stock exchange with the beginning of the corporate share negotiations on Mercato Alternativo del Capitale (MAC), controlled by Borsa Italiana.

2013 - AIM Italy

In light of the merger of AIM Italia maket and Mercato Alternativo del Capitale, the share negotiations start to take place on the new market.

2014 - Delisting

On account of the partners’ decision, the shares are removed from the exchange.

2015 - M&A

ARC Real Estate merged with the controlled companies ARC Media S.r.l. (IT) and Revis S.r.l. (Valutaion)

2019 - Relocation to Milan

On March 4th 2019, ARC's corporate headquarters has been relocated to Milan , important financial centre in Italy and Europe. R&D and IT departments have stayed in Campobasso.


ARC Real Estate is an independent information provider for banks and investment funds in the Italian market of performing and non-performing receivables. ARC’s expertise lies in processing and trading real estate data, used by customers during credit investigation and monitoring, as well as during protection and collection after the progression to potential defaults and encumbrances.

ARC Real Estate

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