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Debt Collection – Secured and Unsecured

Service Overview
ARC Real Estate S.p.A. focuses on a selected number of activities of high professional level in the Business Information, Debt Collection and Real Estate Valuation segments.

Combining the competences attained in the processing and distribution of information used for business decisions...


Debt Collection – Secured and Unsecured
Recupero CreditiProcess management and debt collection activities are directly carried out by the company. Managers can benefit from collaborations with professional partners and advisors, with legal and financial knowledge, for the correct analysis and valuation of portfolios and single claims.

Debt collection activities can be divided into Judicial and Extrajudicial. Further information can be found below.

  • Extrajudicial collection:

    - mailing;
    - phone collection;
    - discounted payoffs (DPOs);
    - repayment plans;
    - consensual sale of assets securing NPLs, if present.

  • Judicial Collection
    ARC has a consolidated expertise in legal collection activities by virtue of its 25-year collaboration with lawyers and banks’ legal offices. It:

    - appoints and directs the attorney for substituted service to initiate activities;
    - oversees the correct, punctual execution of judicial and extrajudicial actions regarding debt collection;
    - verifies and examines the legal documentation and experts’ technical consultations;
    - assesses the opportunity of judicial mortgages subscription and/or renewals to intervene in ongoing executive procedures or start one from the beginning:
    - monitors and authorizes executive procedures’ costs;
    - constantly updates the management system;
    - Periodically judges the possibility to change the judicial strategy with the extrajudicial one, if more favourable than the first.

With regards to process management, ARC utilizes LTU management system designed by Sydema. The company has developed an innovative and articulated software (LAWEB4), which supports not only credit analysis, business intelligence and valuation of portfolios and sigle claims, but also management activities.

ARC employes Sydema's management software for all credit servicing related activities.

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